Ghost Walk

Each October, the Chemung County Historical Society hosts an annual Ghost Walk at Woodlawn Cemetery. Reservations and tickets are required. Visitors meet historic residents buried at the cemetery, led by Friends of Woodlawn guides to hear the life stories as portrayed by the actors from Elmira Little Theatre. Each year features different ghosts and stories  researched and written by CCHS staff.

Click on the links below to read the stories told by each year’s ghosts.

2023 Ghost Walk – Rebecca Hendy Culp, Joseph H. Pierce, John W. Jones, Margaret H. Stephens

2022 Ghost Walk – Julia Jones Beecher, Thomas Flood, Derby Sisters, Oscar H. Adams

2021  Ghost Walk– Lillian Voorhees, Baldwin Kolb, Anna Palmer, James “Matt” Lockwood

2020 Ghost Walk – Isaac Rood Taylor, Louise Terry, Alice Shaw, Governor Lucius Robinson

2019 Ghost Walk – Frances Squire Potter, Charles Owen (aka Chief Ross), Frank Bundy, Mary Stroman

2018 Ghost Walk – Rufus Stanley, David and Lucy Billings, Jennie Eustace, Lewis Gilmore

2017 Ghost Walk – William Brownlow, Mary Potter, Leah Sittenfield, WWI Soldiers – Private Ansel McKinney, Private Boyd C. Reese, Lieutenant Harry Robinson, Private Clifford Elliott, Private Russell Parmenter

2016 Ghost Walk – Matthias Arnot, Dr. Zippie Brooks Wales, John R. Rawlings, Those in the Free Ground, John Arnot, Jr.

2015 Ghost Walk – Esther Wilkin, Jacob Greener, Truckson LaFrance, Clarissa Thurston

2014 Ghost Walk – Henry Clum, George Waters, Phebe Foster, William and Josephine Welsh

2013 Ghost Walk – Jennie Crocker Fassett, Colonel John Hendy, Francis Hall, Mabel Flood

2012 Ghost Walk – Joseph UpdeGraff, Mary Marvin, Sarah Jones, Simeon Benjamin

2011 Ghost Walk – Ester Baker Steele, Molly Beers, Alexander Diven, William T. Post

2010 Ghost Walk – Dr. Rachel Gleason, Henry Washington, Mary Ann Cord, Susan Crane, Theodore Crane, Thomas K. Beecher

2009 Ghost Walk – Dr. Edwin Eldridge, Harriet Maxwell Converse, Roy Rutan, The Owens

2008 Ghost Walk – John Jones, Ernie Davis Jr., Matthew Carpenter

2007 Ghost Walk – Katie Leary, Seymour Lowman, Frank McGovern

Do you want to explore Woodlawn Cemetery on your own? Click here to download a Scavenger Hunt designed for students that highlights some of sites.