Museum Staff

Bruce Whitmarsh
607-734-4167, ext. 206

Office Manager:
Samantha Sallade
607-734-4167, ext. 202

Rachel Dworkin
607-734-4167, ext. 207

Education Director:
Susan Zehnder
607-734-4167, ext. 205

Monica Groth
607-734-4167, ext. 204

Journal Editor:
Kathy Whitmarsh

County Historian:
Kelsey Jones
607-734-4167, ext. 208

Support staff is provided by the Pro Action Employment Program and a dedicated corps of volunteers.

Board of Trustees of the Chemung County Historical Society consists of twenty-one elected members, the Chemung County Historian, and an appointed representative from the Chemung County Legislature.

Contact trustees, staff or volunteers by e-mail: