Museum Staff

Bruce Whitmarsh
607-734-4167, ext. 206

Office Manager:
Samantha Sallade
607-734-4167, ext. 202

Rachel Dworkin
607-734-4167, ext. 207

Education Director:
Susan Zehnder
607-734-4167, ext. 205

Senior Curator:
Erin Doane
607-734-4167, ext. 204

Journal Editor:
Kathy Whitmarsh

County Historian:
Kelsey Jones
607-734-4167, ext. 208

Support staff is provided by the Pro Action Employment Program and a dedicated corps of volunteers.

Board of Trustees of the Chemung County Historical Society consists of nineteen elected members, the Chemung County Historian, and an appointed representative from the Chemung County Legislature.

Contact trustees, staff or volunteers by e-mail: